Rental Agreement




Owner Bader Collective (“Bader Collective”) must obtain a signed Rental Agreement and Payment from the renter (“Client”) in order to validate the order. In order to secure inventory availability and book the order, Bader Collective needs 50% of the Order Total (listed at the bottom of the invoice). The remaining balance of the order is due 24 hours prior to the day of the event date (unless prior arrangements have been made). 



There is a required 2-hour delivery window. For orders requiring a specific delivery time, an additional fee may be required on a case-by-case basis. 



Our inventory is accounted as eligible to rent until after an initial payment of 50% of the Order Total and signed Event Rental Agreement is received. 



Bader Collective must be notified in writing of any cancellations, If the Client cancels for whatever reason, Bader Collective will retain all payments to cover accrued expenses and inventory rental revenue. If the cancellation is due to government guidelines/restrictions as a result of Covid-19, we will continue to provide a credit against a future order, but no refunds will be granted. 



Both parties agree to indemnify, and hold each other and their respective, agents, employees, and assignees, harmless from and against any and all third-party claims, actions, causes of action, demands, rights, damages of any kind, costs, loss of profit, expenses and compensation whatsoever (“Claims”), in any way arising from, or in connection with the inventory rented including, without limitation, as a result of its use, maintenance, set-up, break-down, or possession, irrespective of the cause of the claim, except in the case of the indemnifying party’s sole gross negligence or willful misconduct, from the time the inventory arrives at the event until the inventory is picked up by Bader Collective employees and/or agents. 



Client is fully aware and agrees that there is a risk of injury or damage resulting from Client's use or service of the products rented hereunder, and hereby elects to knowingly enter into this Terms and Conditions Agreement and assume all of the above risks. Client agrees to release and discharge Bader Collective from any and all liability or responsibility for any injury or damage caused by Client’s use or service of the inventory. 



If an object is lost, unreturned, or destroyed, Bader Collective reserves the right to charge the full replacement cost. Bader Collective will assess and process refunds and credits on a case-by-case basis if product is detected and returned in good condition.



Clients must provide Bader Collective with an alphabetized name list (by last name) for the client’s order of a personalized seating chart, name cards, etc. at a minimum of two weeks before client's wedding or event date. For orders around holidays, a deadline more than two weeks may apply. 



Bader Collective Terms and Conditions have been read, understood, and agreed to by the undersigned Client. Quantities, types, nominal charges, prepayment amounts, and other details are as specified on the invoice.



To validate your contract, a 50% deposit is required.